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Getting Started with Sample6 DETECT and Sample6 CONTROL

By: Jim Hammel on March 25th, 2014

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Getting Started with Sample6 DETECT and Sample6 CONTROL

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At Sample6 we are working hard to bring the first enrichment-free environmental pathogen test out to the plant. In order to ensure success, we have worked with many pilot plants over the past year to help define what it takes to bring Sample6 DETECT/L and CONTROL to the plant. My team is focused on customer success.  This includes training, integration and customer support.  Our focus has been on ease of use for a broad range of skill sets within your plant. Whether it will be your quality team, sanitation team or someone from the production floor running the test, the process must be easy to learn and easy to perform with consistent results.

Getting to Know You

sample6 customer successOnce you have decided to bring DETECT/L and CONTROL to your plant, a member my customer success team will reach out to your team for a kick off call. We’d like to get to know you, your team and your operation a little bit better.  We have worked with a variety of different product types, from different parts of the country and while there are many similarities operationally, and with regard to food safety, there are often critical differences. Our system is designed to work at all levels of your operation and the training is straight forward, however there are opportunities to customize to suit the needs of your team, your plant and your company.   

Getting in CONTROL

Sample6 ControlA critical part of any environmental monitoring program is having the right software, like Sample6 CONTROL, in place to help manage the process. During the kick-off call we will request some basic information about your plant in order to set up CONTROL. Since CONTROL is designed to be an easy way to visualize the testing across your plant, all we need is a floor plan of your plant, a list of test points and a description of your remediation process and we will have a customized site set up for you in just a few days.

Getting Going

Now that we know each other a little better and CONTROL is configured for your plant, its time to schedule DETECT and CONTROL training for your team.   We will come on site so that we can meet your team, help you set up the equipment and teach you how run DETECT.  Your Customer Success Manager will generally be on-site for 2-3 days based on the number of people on your team.  This will give he/she an opportunity to run multiple trainings if need be, based on shift schedules or other factors.  Together, you will run at least 3 sets of samples from start to finish.  We know how busy you are, so don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to block off three days.  The hands on time for DETECT is only a few minutes per sample, with an incubation in the middle, so your team members will only need to dedicate a portion of their day to training. .


Sample6 Detect


Before, we arrive on-site for training we will send you the Sample6 DETECT/L Start-Up Kit.  This will provide all materials needed to perform the DETECT assay, including a centrifuge and the DETECT Reader.   All you will need to provide is a workspace with a Windows PC and an incubator large enough to hold your daily sample collection.



While on-site we will make sure each team member has received the appropriate amount of supervised hands-on training with both DETECT and CONTROL. Your Customer Success Manager will leave your site knowing that each member of your team is confident in their ability to process samples with DETECT and manage them in CONTROL.  Back in the office, your Customer Success Manager will monitor the team’s activity and will follow up with you and your team whenever necessary to keep things running smoothly.

Are you ready to get started?

Together, we can make food safer.

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