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Food Safety Blog

The Food Safety Blog

Stay up-to-date with the latest information and news on pathogen detection and control for the best food safety solutions.

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How to Perform Quality Food Safety Testing In-shift

why is in-shift data important? Right now, food processors don’t have the ability to properly respond in shift because they don’t receive the data until the next day or later if they’re using traditional test methods. Therefore your corrective actions are lagging the incident by 24-48 hours. Why is this important? A “hot spot” may migrate in the normal course of producing food due to a variety of factors such as foot traffic, product flow, sanitation (that isn’t seeking out to clean this particular hotspot) etc.

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How Sample6 is making the Industry Safer

Our approach is three-fold: First and foremost, we protect your brand! Second, we help you comply with existing and new rules and regulations! Third, we reduce your risk while producing food and serving customers!

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How to Find & Prevent Contamination in Food Processing Plants

Do you know how to find and prevent contamination in your plants?

Use this checklist to help avoid Tens of Millions in damage costs, severe brand equity loss, and unexpected food audits.

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How to Enjoy a Food Safety Audit

 “Many food and beverages manufacturers are poorly prepared to comply with the record keeping requirements mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act, according to a new survey”. How can you enjoy a food safety audit when the majority of manufacturers are unprepared you ask yourself? Most people equate a food safety audit with a visit to the dentist, an audit by the IRS or something else equally tedious and potentially painful. But it does not have to be this way.

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Steps to take When Your Plant has a Food Recall: How Sample6 can Help

Using technology to respond to a Listeria recall It’s Tuesday – your least favorite day ever – at least this Tuesday is… you’ve been notified that your company is recalling product due to Listeria… produced in your plant!    In cases like these it is of paramount importance to have a predetermined course of action included in a detailed Recall Plan. The goal of a Recall Plan is to provide explicit steps to rapidly identify and remove the recalled product from the marketplace to ensure the health of the public.

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